sâmbătă, 1 martie 2014

SUA: retrocedarea urgentă a bisericilor greco-catolice!

Printre deficiențele semnalate în raportul întocmit de Departamentul de Stat american, se semnalează din nou lipsa măsurilor de retrocedare a bisericilor greco-catolice.Guvernul României a eșuat în a lua măsuri eficiente pentru retrocedarea bisericilor greco-catolice confiscate de fostul regim comunist.Au existat numeroase dispute asupra clădirilor bisericești și a bunurilor pe care Biserica Ortodoxă nu le-a retrocedat Bisericii Greco-Catolice, încălcând hotărârile judecătorești care prevedeau acest lucru, mai scrie în raport.

"In April parliament passed new legislation for restituting property seized by the former communist and fascist regimes. The law, now in effect, creates a new “points” system that compensates claimants for whom restitution of the original property is not possible with points (one point for each leu of property value) that can be used later to bid in auctions of state - owned property or in exchange for monetary compensation. In July the National Property Restitution Authority issued the first decisions of compensation in points of almost 13 million points in some of the 80,000 restitution cases that are still pending. Former owners’associations, the Greek Catholic Church, the Jewish community, and civil society opponents of the new law said that implementing it would further delay restitution and that the provisions of the new law disproportionately advantage the government and current occupants at the expense of the rightful owners. There were numerous disputes over church buildings and property that the Orthodox Church did not return to the Greek Catholic Church in violation of valid court orders to do so."

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